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Here’s What We Provide

Asphalt shingles

We offer an array of asphalt shingles to cater to our customer’s unique needs. The expert roofers of BNS Roofing have specialized experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of shingle roofs all over GTA. With so many different varieties of shingles to choose from, asphalt shingles remain the number one choice among homeowners and contractors around the world. Why is that? Not only are they less costly than wood, tile, metal, and slate, they are readily available and come in a variety of styles and colors to match any kind of home. Their guaranteed life span also makes them tough competition to beat. If you’re interested in learning more about asphalt shingles and whether or not they are right for your roof, contact us.

flat roofing

BNS Roofing takes fully into account our clients’ budget and goals. We’ll strive to replace each client’s flat roof by minimizing the client’s waiting time and reassure of our high roofing standards by providing reasonable workmanship warranty on all newly installed roofs. A manufacturer’s warranty, or a roof warranty, is the most common type of roof warranty, which may include coverage from 10 to 50 years depending on the type of roof. … This type of warranty generally covers the full cost of any leaks as well as the labor to complete the repairs.

One of the most common options people choose is a flat roof, one of the most durable and affordable products on the market. Flat roofs hold several benefits, from safety to practicality – let’s take a look at a few.



It’s very easy to maintain the composition of a flat roof, and the gravel and tar structures that form its basis last a very long time. Most products can resist basic elemental damage for over thirty years.



A flat roof is also a great place to store items that may have no other sensible home. You can store an AC vent or other heavy equipment easily, with simple access to them if you need it. Especially for a commercial business where space might be a serious issue at times, this is a great tangential benefit.



Both as far as installation and future services, flat roofs are some of the most affordable out there. Their maintenance is easy, as we noted above, which means expensive flat roof repairs aren’t often needed. There’s also no need for shingles or any other decorative elements on the surface, which means installation costs are low. Even repairs are relatively cheap when they’re rarely required – it’s easy to repair these sorts of surfaces.

aluminum work

Soffit and fascia 


How do you know if you need soffit and fascia replacement due to damage? 


  • You’ll see rotting wood, or you’ll notice there’s a leak somewhere.

  • The fascia may look like it needs painting.

  • Paint may peel, or the surrounding areas may look discolored.

  • You may even see pests or small animals getting into your home.




How do you know if you need eavestrough/gutter replacement due to damage?


. Mildew and pools of water

. Damage directly under the eavestroughs

. Eavestroughs pulling away from your house

. Splits or cracks

. Peeling of paint on the eavestroughs

. Rottenness 




How do you know if you need a  siding  replacement due to damage?



. Huge Selection of Styles, Colours, Trim, and Accessories

. Durable

. Great Warranties

. Smart Investment

. Lasting Colour

. Resists Mold and Mildew

. Environmentally Friendly



Chimney build & Repairs 


How do you know if you need a chimney replacement or repair due to damage?


. Spalling Bricks

. Cracked chimney Crown

. Damaged Mortar Joints

. Cracked & Shaling Flue Tiles 

. Damaged Wallpaper

. Rusted Damper & Firebox

Tuck pointings are very important on chimney repairs throughout the years for several reasons, some of them have been shown above. Our team has its own specialized crew for new chimney builds and its repairs. 

Chimney Build 

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